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Heads up, the links below are affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you sign on to the platform through them. This helps you get a nice discount and helps me out at the same time - win win! Plus, I always make sure to only share what I genuinely use and love.


email marketing

I was soo frustrated with email marketing platforms until I found Flodesk. Finally a simple way to design create automated workflows, segment my audience, and make super cute emails!

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website hosting

The best of the best in my opinion! It's the platform I use to do all of my web designs, and for a reason. No creative limits, no coding, intuitive drag-and-drop.

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domain hosting

Namecheap is my go-to for any domain I want to buy, and I recommend it to all my clients. It's straightforward for what you're going to need: DNS settings, managing your domain email addresses, and it's often got the best prices! 

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client portals

I use Notion for all things in the backend of my business anyway to keep ME organized, but I also use it for my client portals! Because of its flexibility, it really allows you to create anything you want. A paid subscription allows you to upload unlimited files (hello, needed!) and have as many blocks as you want.

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e-commerce checkouts

I LOVE Thrivecart because it's a only a one-time payment for a lifetime of checkouts that are so flexible - split payments, memberships, even course hosting! You can embed the links to your checkout or add the buttons anywhere on your website, so works great with Showit!

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pinterest scheduling

No need to use Pinterest to schedule everything out manually when you can schedule out your whole month (or 2!) in Tailwind. Plus, it has all kind of tools like AI that writes your pin descriptions for you!

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client management

Dubsado is what I use to manage all my client projects: contracts, proposals, invoices...etc. Everything is in one place which makes it so easy for both you and your clients.

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dubsado forms

Want gorgeous Dubsado forms that don't, well....look like Dubsado forms? I'd had my eye on this Neue template from Search & Grow for a long time and I'm so glad I finally got it! It's completely elevated my proposals/questionnaires/contracts, etc for a more high-end experience for my clients.

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Courses I’ve taken

I’m not one for gatekeeping what education I’ve taken to get to where I am now. The truth is that, especially as a self-taught designer + business owner, there’s a lot of learning, pivoting, and mistakes you're going to make. Trying by doing is going to help you more than any course could, and that's what's going to make you into a successful creative business owner. The truth is, one product/course isn’t going to solve ALL your problems (which I’m sure you already know), so just know that on top of these awesome courses you need time to do things yourself and experience! That’s how you get better, and grow, and never stop.

Becca luna's "Wealthy Web Designer" + "Design Your Day Rate"

byariel's drop dead designer

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"Wealthy Web Designer" is the course that got me into Showit and what made me decide to become a web designer in the first place! Becca makes everything easy to understand and implement, you can fly through the courses and implement immediately! "Design Your Day Rate" showed me how to do design intensives. If you're just starting out with web design and not familiar with Showit, I'd recommend "CEO of Showit"!

Drop Dead Designer is the course to learn how to have a high-end design business. It covers everything from finding your designer magic, to a premium client process, to creating digital products! What I loved about it is that Ariel really focuses on the art and creativity side - coming up with original ideas, and how that's what makes you a unique, sought-after designer. I find myself going back to DDD again and again and I'm always learning from it. Highly HIGHLY recommend for anyone wanting a successful creative business.

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Image courtesy of Becca Luna Education

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