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     omanticize your business

Give it the presence it deserves. Because your story is worth telling 

with a website that lives up to it. 

We whole-heartedly believe that your business needs to be more romanticized. Not in the hype-it-up-to-be-more-than-it-is way, but in the hype-it-up-because-this-is-way-more-valuable-than-you're-making-it-look kind of way. And the best way to do that? By setting yourself apart with your online visual presence.

Let's be real; you make a judgement about a business within a split second of seeing its website. And - newsflash - people are doing the same thing with your business. So why not take control of that perception and leave a lasting, memorable impression on the people who you know desperately need your products or services?

By setting yourself apart visually, you're eliminating the competition because there simply isn't anything that comes close to looking and feeling like you. And when it comes to your online real estate (aka your website), design has the power to do that.

Give it the presence it deserves. Because your story is worth telling                                   

with a website that lives up to it. 


why ivy grows studio?

We genuinely care for each and every one of our clients like family and want to see them succeed, so we look over every detail of your project as carefully as if it were our own!

2 // attention to detail

We don’t just make pretty things just for the sake of it (but everything we make is elevated and gorgeous of course) . Every brand and website we create has strategy and intention behind it.

1 // strategic design

What good is a website that you don’t know how to make changes to? All our sites are made in Showit so that they’re easy to edit (hello, drag and drop!) and we give you support so that you know how to make any changes you may need to.

3 // a website that’s easy to edit

 After all that work, we want to make sure your site is searchable! That’s why we set you up with the right text tags so that Google’s creepy crawlies can correctly read all the content on your beautiful new site.

4 // a visual identity that works for you

YES, we're named AFTER 



A                            LYRIC, BUT THAT’S


why the name?

yes, we're named
after a                           lyric, but that's what we do - 

                  Including your website. 

we romanticize


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

I've been designing ever since I can remember. I learned how to use a computer at age 4 (this was before the Internet, when the biggest form of entertainment was Microsoft Paint) and started using it as I got older to design lists and documents (which always had pictures of dolphins on them thank you very much). In middle school, when making your own Piczo site became a thing, I got a little too excited and demanded to make everyone's site for them. At age 11, I discovered Photoshop and became obsessed with making Hilary Duff graphics, then posting them on my now big-girl site that I started to add code to.

In short, I loved this graphic design stuff. But I decided not to pursue graphic design because I didn't want to "sit at the computer all day". Joke's on me now that every other job involves sitting at the computer all day. 

Instead, I went through school and college confused and not really knowing what to do with my life. It wasn't until I found myself starting a food education business with my husband and caring a lot more about what the website looked like more than the actual food that I thought "I should probably do something about this." And so, it wasn't until I was 27 that I gave into that yearning to make beautiful things and started my own design business. Now, I get to do what I love most and use it to help women run successful businesses that they love.



Anything by Baz Luhrmann

// fill in the blanks //

favorite movie:

Capricorn ☼, Taurus ☾, Aries ↑

star sign:


on weekends, i'm:

Barcelona, Spain

Catching up on YouTube videos

"I'm more than capable - and  I  know it!"


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